Subtle set of e-cigarettes in a quality metal body with replacable battery and USB charger. No cartridges included.
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Manufacturer:VO Tech
List price:549 Kč
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List price: 549 Kč
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ZEAL, a new definition of electronic cigarette. The set contains almost everything you will need for a healthier ritual. Premium quality, premium look.

Inside each starter kit you will find a metal body and a battery that can withstand up to 300 puffs on a single charge. The battery is held by magnets and can be replaced very quickly and easily. The package also includes a charger, which you can use to charge the battery in approx. 40 minutes. You plug it into a powered USB port on your computer or a portable USB adapter. It is also possible to purchase a case for the device, which serves not only to store the entire set, but also as a power bank for charging.

No buttons, no complicated settings. You just insert the filled capsule into the device and you can vape. The device switches itself on during pulling and is equipped with a temperature control (TC). ZEAL has two performance modes. Everything is controlled by a micro version of the VO chip.

ZEAL presents a unique improvement in the category: replaceable battery. This eliminates the biggest problem of these compact devices - battery life. If performance starts to fade, simply charge the battery with the included USB adapter or replace it with a fully charged one immediately. The battery, like the whole device, is very small and you can have several of them with you.


  • Metal body of an e-cigarette
  • Battery
  • Charging case
  • Manufacturer's information cards

Refill capsules are sold separately. Thanks to different legislation, we only import empty capsules suitable for filling in the form of a stronger e-liquid or nicotine salt.

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