Claims and returns

How to claim and return goods

Length of warranty period

We provide a 24-month warranty on the goods, unless stated otherwise. For e-liquids, flavors and bases, the warranty is given by the shelf life marked on the packaging.

Scope of warranty coverage

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, not normal wear and tear. Complaints will not be accepted if there is mechanical damage to the goods by the user / buyer or if the general principles of handling the item are not observed, or special policies familiar to the user / buyer by the seller (eg use of non-original parts, unsuitable batteries or chargers). The goods must be sent without any e-liquid residue, which could cause further damage to the goods during transport.

Procedure for complaints or returns of goods within 14 days after purchase

1. Print and fill in the following document and send it together with a copy of the order or tax document and the goods to our address: G3netix, s.r.o., Volfova 2130/6, 61200 Brno.

2. Before sending the goods for complaint, please clean the goods from e-liquid residues or possible impurities.

3. We recommend that you contact us by email at after sending the shipment. You can attach a photo / scan of the completed form to the e-mail, making everything even easier. In case you are not sure whether it is a manufacturing defect of the goods, please contact us before sending the shipment.

4. The consumer has the right to return the goods / withdrawal from the contract within 14 days of purchase. In the case of returning the goods within the 14-day period, it is possible to return only the goods that have not been used or do not show any signs of use. It is not possible to return the goods that were placed in a closed package and the buyer removed it from the package and it is not possible to return it due to hygienic reasons. These are mainly coil heads, cotton, coils, atomizers or devices containing an atomizer. When returning the goods within 14 days of purchase, it is also necessary to return the complete packaging of the goods, including the packaging in which the goods were placed. 


Pack the claimed / returned goods properly to prevent possible damage during transport. We also recommend insuring the shipment for the value of the goods. Do not send the goods cash on delivery. Of course, you can deliver the goods to us in person, at the dispensing point listed in the contacts.

Goods damaged during transport

Check the shipment properly upon receipt. Do not accept shipments that show signs of damage. If you find damage to the goods after opening the shipment, contact the carrier immediately and write a complaint report with him. Then please contact us at

Complaint handling time

We will try to handle your complaint as quickly as possible, but no later than within 30 days of receiving the goods. A video recording or a careful specification of the defect and the procedure for reproduction can speed up the whole process considerably.

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