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dotmod dotRDA24 V1.5

Popular dotRDA24 in a new, modern body made of aluminum, ultem or stainless steel.
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1 699 Kč
List Number: 01695-18-00002
Warranty:24 months
List price:1 699 Kč
Price excluding VAT:1 404 Kč
Price including VAT:1 699 Kč
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*Videoreview available only in Czech language.

Beautiful inside and out. That's what the manufacturer claims, and we can only agree. The new version of the popular 24mm dripper from dotMod with a great single-column base brings several improvements.

The biggest change was recorded by the top cap, which narrows in steps at the top and a new wide drip tip with the dotmod logo dominates at its very top. In addition to the four basic colors with an aluminum top cap, the manufacturer also offers this atomizer in stainless steel or ultrasonic design.

You can look forward to a gilded single-column base, which is identical to the previous version, and also to a pool with a depth of 4.8 mm.


  • Brass base, gilded with 24K gold
  • Spring-loaded column for placing spirals
  • Choice of three body designs: aluminum, stainless steel, ultem
  • Classic and squoning center pin
  • Large (1.5 x 3.9 mm) hole between the jaws for fitting the craziest builds
  • Modern design
  • Large pool 4.8 mm deep
  • "Touch" to loosen the center screw of the base



  • 1 x dotRDA24 V1.5
  • 1 x ultem mouthpiece
  • 1 x dotkey
  • 3 x atomizer o-rings
  • 1 x center column spiral
  • 1 x squonk center pin
  • 1 x squonk center screw
  • 2 x fused clapton coils
  • 1 x certificate of authenticity
  • 1 x 1.5mm Allen key
  • 1 x user manual


* Serial numbers are retained for warranty and post-warranty reasons. Serial numbers are intentionally removed from photos.

NOTE: For some color variants, the color of the dotRDA24 atomizer may not correspond 100% to the color of the mod. This is because mods and atomizers are not produced in the same series. We are happy to send a photo of the set on request.

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